Sunday, May 13, 2007

Weekend Work-In-Progress

I thought I would pop in and show you how far I have progressed. The large rectangle piece is completed, although it needs to be blocked to it's final measurements. On the needle is the second rectangle that I've been working away at - much to the detriment of our paper-and-pencil schoolwork. It is about half the length it needs to be.

After all the ripping and tearing out, the starting over, the mental math and then resulting confusion I have concluded two things. First, I think I will be happy to get this piece sewn up and given to it's rightful owner: my mom. Mom, having tried for two years to get this thing knitted up, who kept running into problems and delays, will really, really appreciate the finished product. And I know she'll like it...after all, she did buy pick it out for herself. Second, I'm not wired to understand the intricate dance of knitting pattern design. I have much to learn. I wonder if there are patterns out there for visual people like me?

I figure I've got about 8 hours of knitting to finish. Any predictions as to how long it will take me to finish the knitting? I'm averaging about 8 minutes a row. There are 4 rows to the pattern. I figure I have about 15 repeats of the pattern to complete. And I wonder how many times I'll have to sew the finished product up? Isn't this a cliff hanger? I'll bet the suspense is going to pull in the readers. Just watch...and tell your friends.


OoM said...

Ooo...*pretty*!!! Considering I am somewhat of a visual learner myself, I cannot honestly comment other than to say "WOW!!" in a hushed sort of internet voice (totally full of awe) and give you a hearty cyber PAT ON THE BACK! for even attempting this! It does look (hard) great!

BTW, like kite pic - you are looking fabulous!

jugglingpaynes said...

You want me to send Marina up to help you? :o) I know nothing of knitting, whatever you do is thousands of times better than I could! I would much rather be flying the kite! Marina said the piece looks nice.
On visual learning, I understand from my juggling background. I tried to learn from the book, Juggling for the Complete Klutz, but couldn't figure it out. When I SAW jugglers on TV I was better able to understand the pattern, and made much better progress! I suppose this is why we have juggling clubs and knitting circles.
I'll leave you alone now, I know you have to finish.
Peace and Laughter,
PS- the pox are almost finished. He never scratched!

jugglingpaynes said...

Glad you like the pictures! My sister took the baptism photo. I just added the birth story, if you would like to see it!
Peace and Laughter,