Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Mid-day Thoughts

Just making lunch for the kids (yes, at 1:30...they ate breakfast at 9:45 so they're really not staving...and we had milkshakes with our school work so they're good) and I thought I'd check in and throw down some notes in order to get my thoughts together later on.

I'm cold. And my throat hurts. I think the cold has more to do with the weather and my refusal to turn the heat on just yet. Maybe the milk shakes too. Oh, and showering and then rushing out in a tee shirt to spend a good portion of last evening on the river with wet hair.

My dog is bald. She's blown her entire coat...the only place I can feel fluff is on her head. She rolls over and you can see the pink of her skin in among her hair. She's a husky! They're not supposed to show skin!!!

I have to give blood this afternoon. If my veins don't constrict into nothingness from this chill.

A few people have rsvp'd and want to come to our homeschooler's coffee evening on Thursday. I wish the people who were so very excited about regular meetings would come. But I am looking forward to seeing those who are coming. The months slip past so quickly. It's amazing how much time goes by between get-togethers.

I have a 'to do' list a mile long. I won't even start to write it down here. I will say that I have been knitting a bit, the laundry is caught up (for the most part) and the kitchen is able to be cooked in. School work and house work have both happened for a few days in a row now...hopefully I won't jinx it.

More later today (I hope) after some more school work, the aforementioned house work and maybe a bath to warm up. Thanks for checking in.

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