Thursday, October 5, 2006

What Is Up With Me?!

Every day this week I have been meaning to get the big calendar down from the fridge where it lives and sit at the table with it, the children and a cup of tea. We should have planned the month days ago. Yet I am procrastinating. We did not get to our review today. Nor did we review math facts. We did finish Prince Caspian. We didn't do any science reading. I even did the morning chores so I didn't have to interrupt the kids to do them.

Earlier this week I should have sat down and planned out meals for the next week and gone to the grocery store prepared. Now I will have to go back during the busy weekend.

The basement is currently 'on hold'. I climb onto the arm of the big blue chair, lean over and reach with my left hand to open the drawer to get my socks. I trip over the ironing board to get to the dryer. The laundry is being done...barely. I'm certainly not getting ahead. Brian had to go down to the laundry room today to choose a work shirt.

Of course, I had time to sit here and read through some blogs. You know how sometimes God comes along and smacks you up the side of the head? Yeah. I need a pink slip...or at least a quarterly review. So I thought I would share my self-induced guilt here.

I really like this picture. It was taken in November '04 in the front yard. It was the first snow of the season. The kids are wearing their sweaters and hats that I first attempt at such a venture. I think the pattern I used was the simplest thing you can find. Kori's sweater had a diagional diamond pattern running through it. They wore those sweaters everywhere. This year, I started a sweater for Rai. I've torn it out and begun it 5 times now. I really don' t know what I'm waiting for. Yarn for Kori has also been bought. And it's waiting as well. Last weekend Rai and I found a pattern book for $1.83 that has a simple child's sweater (not only is it simple,
but it is easy to customize the pattern...something I've been looking for). Not only does it have the sweater pattern, but it also has a hat and mitten pattern to match the sweater. Really, I think God is sending me messages.

So what am I waiting for?!?! Arrgh!

I am off to join my poor, patient husband. I am going to start Rai's sweater. I am even going to ignore the part of the sweater that I had already begun and worry about ripping it out later. I am going to knit until Bri is tired and then I'm going to lie there until I go to sleep. And not put off bedtime by reading. Perhaps while I'm lying there, waiting for sleep, whatever it is that I am putting life on hold for will occur to me. And I'll thank God that Brian hasn't figured out he can fire me. Yet.

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