Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Quick Check In

Some points and highlights from today so far....nothing earth-shattering....

Went to visit Grandpa out at the house today to see how the kitchen demolition is going. I think we'll go out on Sunday with masks and gloves to help get the lathe and plaster off the walls....not to mention the various layers of wallpaper and drywall. There's no insulation, I noticed. Crazy!

Stopped and let the kids run rampant through the grocery store on the way home. lol No, really I went and collected a few items while they looked at toys. Kori seems to think staring wantingly at the 'Cuddle Chimp' for extended periods of time will get me to buy it for her.

I just discovered Limewire. This might be a problem.

Tom Cochrane is releasing a new album on Hallowe'en. On it he has done a cover of 'Spirit In The Sky'. I used to love that song. I'll probably love his version of it as well, since I'm not opposed to Tom Cochrane.

The kids are getting along wonderfully lately (<--happy dance..couldn't find a 'knock on wood' smilie). They are even helping each other out and being considerate.

Brian is still sick. I have watched him suffer enough so I went and collected some special teas for him today. I drink this stuff when I have a cold. One cup every four hours and your head stays clear, your throat is soothed...and you have to pee like a racehorse...frequently. But even that would be better than this 'close to death' state that Bri is walking around in. The rest of us have sore throats and even Kori is starting to get a sniffle. So I think I will share some of Rai's Cold-FX around.

K, cold meds, lunch and then we hit the calender.

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