Tuesday, October 3, 2006

No Time To Blog!

Tonight I'm catching up the laundry and getting kidlets to sleep...tomorrow we're at the hospital first thing (7am!! Who makes an appointment for 7am??! We don't move around here until 8! Is it even light out this time of year at that time...seriously...I don' t know??) for Rai's ultrasound and bladder scan. Our appointment was for the 25th...but the Dr. called while we had our exam today and got us in the 'back door'. Today we had the consultation part of his testing...it's all part and parcel to the package that CHEO requires to see him. We need to do 2 weeks of charting after these tests and then we wait for our appointment with the specialist. Many hoops to jump through, but that's ok...it's all the leg work so we spend as little time as possible with the specialist getting to the bottom of this mess.

Kids are stressed but they're dealing well with the interruptions. With the weather, we're not getting a lot of outside playtime...going to have to make that the priority as they are a little wrangy.

Hope all is well and healthy wherever you may be!

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