Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Singing In The Rain

The kids are outside running in the field in the pouring rain. Their friends have joined them. It been far too long since they've had a good run and time to just run and scream and play. Doesn't that sound odd?? Them being kids and all...

It is still very dark at 5:50am. I was up at 5:00, 5:18, 5:44 and by 5:50 I couldn't stand it any longer and I just got up and started the morning. I woke up with a killer headache and plowed through the nauseas part and hoped for relief before I had to wake the kids up. The morning went smoothly. We arrived at the hospital in good time. The ultrasound went smoothly and the tech even went on to do the post void bladder scan so we didn't have to spend the rest of the morning waiting in another department of the hospital. In and out in a little more than an hour. We returned home after collecting Kori from my sister to eat breakfast only to go out again half an hour later. I figured that Brian might like some lunch. What a treat at the grocery store!! You could shoot a canon through that place.Which was great news for us - in and out in 30minutes - not to mention the little red-headed 2-year-old driving demon we saw navigating the Produce Department at Mach2. They ought to make smaller carts for the wee shoppers...or at least put in a track!

The kids sat down and accomplished some work today. I'm trying very gently to get Rai to print a bit each day. It's not his favorite. Both worked on their Lit. Studies today. For Kori that involved dictionary work and definitions; using words in context; using clues to assist in definitions and reading comprehension of the first chapter of her book. She is ready to move on to Chapter 2. Raiden has completed three Robert Munsch works and activities to go with each book. Listening to the story on tape has been very popular, even though the tape rendition varies from the final form the book has taken. The Model Magic has been out for a couple of days. the kids mixed colours today and made miniature pumpkins in anticipation of the Thanksgiving celebrations this weekend. We are nearing the end of Prince Caspian. I am looking forward to reading our next selection before returning to the Narnia Series.

Thanksgiving will be a quiet familiy affair this year. Which I am very much looking forward to. We have decided to have a ham dinner with all "the fixin's". Hopefully over the course of the weekend, we will be able to visit with Bri's brother and family. Perhaps we will take in a bit of the Brockville Bowl: the two rival city highschool football teams vie for the honours. Last year (the 1st annual) the Pirates won. I'm sure this year, the rightful champions will be victorious...Go Rams Go!

More tomorrow...We are going to get to our review of the first couple of chapters in The Story of the World, math, science AND October's calendar....really!!

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