Monday, October 9, 2006


Thanksgiving dinner was nice. There was no turkey, but we had a lovely ham. None of us are particularly turkey lovers, but we all love a ham dinner.The kids tried beets and asparagus. They had appitizers. There was wine. Brian and I made and served dinner together. And then we cleaned up.

I think this may have been the first Thanksgiving that we celebrated at home on the actual day of the holiday - just the four of us - it was great.

Of course you think about being thankful and you try to express that to the kids. So after Kori rolled her eyes and Raiden told me how he 'already knows that' I just quietly thought thankful thoughts and ate my dinner. I was thinking about how I appreciate what we have. Not what we have compared to 'we do have/we don't have/ the Jonses have'. Just how fortunate we are in our family. It's nice to have a good dinner on the table, food for tomorrow in the fridge, my kids with all their indiosyncracies, my husband to provide all of it and the ability to try to take care of it. We really are blessed.

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