Sunday, October 1, 2006

Rain, Rain, Go Away

After a very stressful Friday evening, things are settling down and the weekend is shaping up nicely. My very wonderful husband put up with my nasty habits and cleaned the house Saturday morning in anticipation of Saturday afternoon's company.

Our stressful evening involved me trying to remember the phone number of my childhood neighbour. Who is our family doctor. Every fiber of my being told me it was wrong to call him at home, however it was one of those 'the things you do for your family' situations. I called, he phoned in a longer, stronger prescription for Raiden and I was off to hassle the pharmacy staff. They worked for their $11.99 dispensing fee as I hovered first at the Drop-Off counter...then the Consultations counter...then the Pick-Up counter. You know, when the pharmacy tech says 20 minutes, he really means 37. I made it home in time to give Raidne his medicine and soon enough he was sleeping somewhat confortably.

Saturday, he seems much improved from his situation last night. This week will be spent tracking down the appropriate tests required to take to the specialists at CHEO. School work will be fit in where we can.

Both kids have begun their literature study...if you can call Robert Munch 'Literature'. Maybe I should call Raiden's work Language Arts...Kori was grumbling about her literature study until her Grandparents showed up. Then she was all sunshine and smiles showing what she had accomplished so far. I still have not ordered math curriculum. We are having fun doing a unit on Roman Numerals. We can also do time and money and work on our fact memorization if I don't get around to ordering something in the next little while. We are well into Prince Caspian and the kids seem to be enjoying it more than I am. Being comitted to one chapter a day is working out very nicely. For Science, I think we will continue with some simple experiments and relevant reading. We are reading Things That Spin due to the current intrest in BeyBlades. So far we have determined that a spinning body will keep spnning until some force stops it. Which, of course, leads to discussions about friction. We began Nature Journals in the rain last week and the kids surprised me. They want to invite their friends to 'nature journal' with them. It's amazing what you notice when you're looking for something interesting. Once I figure out how to post pictures here, I'll share our Maiden Nature Journal Adventure with you.

Today, I think we are going to use up the early harvest apples by making apple crisps for the freezer and friends. The kids love the stuff and Bri suggested an assembly line to make them. I'm looking forward to it.

I've noticed that at some of my favorite online blogs, there are many who are down and out. Hopefully this dreary weather will clear and we will be blessed with added reserves of energy to catch up and keep moving. Although, sometimes there are just days that come along where we don't have a choice and we make the energy come h*ll or high birthdays and weekend visitors...Here's to a good week for all.

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