Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Uphill Both Ways....But The View Is Great

It's only been six days since my last entry, but it feels like I've dropped off the edge of the earth again. Part of that is my own fault. I am beginning to feel somewhat productive in our days...although I've been awful at the 'get up at a reasonable hour' lately. Have to work on that. One of the things falling on the wayside is my telephone chit-chats with a couple of friends. So, I almost feel organized...but with the guilt of not keeping up-to-date here and with friends....there's always something, I guess.

School work is trekking along. Still have to order a math program for this year, but I'm not desperate for material yet. Kids are both working away on their literature studies. We're reading supplemental material covering the topics we've already read in Story Of The World. I've discovered that Raiden is finding dinosaurs and other ancient creatures boring. I've been making a serious effort to include Bible and Chracter. In fact, one day that got so involved in our Character lesson that it was the only thing we accomplished all day. We were reviewing the ten commandments and talking about how to use those as rules and guidance in our lives. Then we talked about our roles in the family and how we try to be a blessing to our family. I tried explaining it about five different ways and I finally said to them "How are you a blessing to your family/brother/sister?" And suddenly the floodgates opened. I had no clue they would relate to that wording. Anyway...apparently the discussion was popular and we're going to continue it with What We Can Do In Our Day To Be A Blessing In Our Family. They want to make a list and post it so they can remember all the nice things they want to fit in throughout the day.

You know how sometimes you want to drive to the outskirts of town and sell them to the Gypsies?? And then they come up with some amazing thing that make you just want to squeeze them and keep them that sweet and wonderful for all time? Yeah. And you kick yourself for ever thinking they were less than perfect...and you give them treats...just because. Ok...enough of that...

Tonight was Rai's Beaver Investiture. He was invested as a White Tail, his last year of Beavers. There was the ceremony and then there were snacks and drinks. Kori and her Guide friend E served drinks. The "I'm so grown up" attitude was just emminating off of them. Yesterday was Guides for Kori. She's all excited because she volunteered to use my brand new stamps and scrapbooking supplies (meagre amount that they are) to make name tage for 35 girls to use at their upcoming Hallowe'en party. Should be fun. We also invited a friend to go swimming with her on the weekend sometime. That will be fun...haven't done a lot of that so it will be interesting to see how Kori does. She's funny with people. Keeping her locked in the homeschooling closet probably doesn't help that...just kidding...I should write an entry one day outlining her particular social idiosyncracies.

Last weekend was busy. Apple Day for the Beavers Saturday morning. Then Thaksgiving Dinner for my side of the family. Had my brother for a short visit on Sunday and then we went out to Bri's brother's for dinner.

Dropped the last of Rai's paperwork off at the Doctor's office today. I'm not in love with the new receptionist. Perhaps I'm used to more personal treatment and I don't know what it is like to be 'just another patient'. Or perhaps she was having a bad day. Whatever it was, I had to get out my Pushy Mom hat and put it on. Ended up having a nice chat with the doctor himself in the empty waiting room. He has extended Rai's meds. Rai will stay on them until ??? The infection is in his kidney and is not going to go away on it's own. There are 2 problems with his left kidney and something is going to need to be done. His tests will be forwarded to CHEO today and we will hopefully hear from them with an appointment soon. But not too soon. They triage their referrals....so the worse your problem, the faster you're seen. Catch 22 for me...I want him in and taken care of asap, but I don't want it to be anything so bad that it's urgent, you know? I also don't want it to take months for him to be seen as he will be on meds until then....so...everyone scream with me now....

I'm off for now to do a bedtime or two. Perhpas I'll get on later and get to some much neglected picture tasks. I haven't gone through any since August...they all need to be renamed and organized. If I'd get to that, I'd be more likely to include more pictures....L&L
(haven't spell checked yet...but I'm posting anyway b/c I know you've missed me )

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